Information for cardholders

Dear clients!

We would like to draw your attention to the cases of re-issuing of  SIM-cards without clients’ knowledge. If you lost control over your telephone  number, to which SMS-messages with the code of confirmation of payment  transactions are sent, debiting of funds from your account is possible. If your  telephone number stopped functioning, please, address: 

- the bank for blocking cards, accounts and Internet-banking;

- the mobile operator for clarification of further actions.

In order to avoid similar cases, please, address RIGHT NOW the mobile  operator and discuss the possibility of remote re-issuing of SIM-cards! Thank  you for choosing PRAVEX BANK!


Rule No.1: “Keep your PIN-code, login and password for access to ONLINE PRAVEX in a place inaccessible for external persons and do not tell them to anybody”

Rule No.2: “Do not allow compromising of your card and do not address unknown people with the request to help you to use the plastic card”

Rule No.3: “Do not leave the ATM too early and wait obligatory the full processing of your request”

Rule No.4: “Never provide information on your cards to third parties, even if they address you allegedly on behalf of the servicing bank and of the NBU”

Rule No.5: “Be careful, if you receive an SMS-message from an unknown sender or author with the request to send the received code or strange instructions to another number”

Rule No. 6: “Do not carry out any communication with persons unknown to you regarding your card, even if it is proposed to verify its functioning and functioning of the mobile banking”

Rule No. 7: “While paying for goods in the Internet, be careful and do not disclose personal data”

Rule No. 8: “Do not carry out payments in the Internet for goods to unverified Internet-shops and companies”

Rule No. 9: “Use reliable passwords and do not pass them to anybody”

Rule No. 10: “Always contact your bank and keep in touch with it”

0 800 500 450 – free from landline and mobile telephones within  the territory of Ukraine;

(044) 201 16 17(62) – Kyiv, calls are charged according to the  conditions of operators providing communication services.

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