Information for cardholders

Dear clients! 
Starting from 01.01.2024, there will be changes in the tariffs for cash withdrawals in foreign currency (USD/EUR) at the bank's branches.
Please note that these adjustments apply exclusively to private cards/accounts and pertain solely to transactions in foreign currency.
The updated tariffs for cash withdrawals:

  1. Card accounts:
    • For "CAPPUCCINO" and "CAPPUCCINO" packages (without physical delivery) - 1% of the withdrawal amount;
    • For packages "FAMIGLIA", "FAMIGLIA CAP", " FAMIGLIA BANK&WORK", " FAMIGLIA DOCTOR" - 0.8% of the withdrawal amount;
    • For the package " FAMIGLIA R&B" - 0.6% of the withdrawal amount.

Thank you for your understanding


Dear clients! 
We draw your attention to that fact, that from 01.12.2023 some tariffs will be changed, namely:
For the package of banking services "CAPPUCCINO" for holders of private payment cards, "CAPPUCCINO" (without physical delivery) and "CAPPUCCINO" Visa Platinum (without physical delivery, online onboarding)

  • Fee for cash withdrawals at POS-terminals of PRAVEX BANK branches - 1% (from UAH accounts);
    For the package of banking services "FAMIGLIYA", "FAMIGLIYA CAP", "FAMIGLIYA BANK&WORK", "FAMIGLIYA DOCTOR" for holders of private payment cards:
  • The threshold for free cash withdrawals in the Bank's network, other banks in Ukraine and abroad is UAH 50 thousand per month (from accounts in UAH/USD/EUR);

If the specified threshold is exceeded, the standard tariff provided for in the terms of service of the service package applies.
More details at the link below

Dear clients ,

Pay your attention to the fact that starting from 01.08.2023, some tariffs are changing, namely:
For the package of services "FAMIGLIYA" (and all its options), the product Credit card "PRAVEX" for current credit limits:

  • fee for untimely repayment of the minimum payment for the body of the loan (credit limit) - UAH 0;
  • the interest rate for using overdue debt is 36% per annum

After the expiration of the credit limit, an interest rate of 0% per annum is applied

Dear clients,  

We would like to inform you that since June 19, 2023, holders of Mastercard World Elite payment cards have been granted free access to more than 1,300 business lounges around the world under the Mastercard Lounge Key program without restrictions on the number of visits!
Details at the 

With Mastercard World Elite from PRAVEX BANK, you have the opportunity to pass security checks at airports around the world in a separate queue: unlimited and without any the requirements for payment transactions with the card!

To take advantage of the offer:

  1. Register in the application (App Store/Google Play) or on the website
  2. Go to the application, select the required airport and desired time slot.
  3. Get the QR code and upload it to your e-wallet or save it in the mobile application.
  4. Go to the Fast Track zone and present the QR code to go through the formalities without unnecessary queues

PRAVEX BANK and Mastercard take care of your time and comfort during family trips and business trips!

Details at the link or from your personal manager

Dear clients,
We would like to inform you that starting from March 2023, the debiting of the monthly fee for settlement and cash service of the main card account within the "Family" service package (and all its options that provide for the presence of this fee) will take place on the third day of the calendar month instead of the first working day of the calendar month.

Please kindly be informed that some tariffs are changing from 01.08.2022, namely:

  • Tariff is introduced for cash replenishment of card accounts in foreign currency.

- For the "Famiglia" service package (including all its additional options), the fee is 0.25% of the top-up amount.

- For the "Cappuccino" package (including all its additional options), the commission is 0.5% of the top-up amount

  • A tariff for cash replenishment of current accounts in foreign currency is introduced.

- For the "Pravex Family" current account, the commission is 0.25% of the top-up amount.

- For the Pravex Record current account, the fee is 0.5% of the top-up amount.

  • For the service package "Cappuccino" (private), "Cappuccino" (without physical delivery), and ePidtrymka, the volume of cash withdrawals without a commission at ATMs and cash desks in Ukraine are reduced to UAH 30,000 per month.

Commission for cash withdrawals in the network of other banks in Ukraine after UAH 30,000. will be 1.2% + UAH 2.

Detailed tariffs are attached, and changes are highlighted in red.

Please be informed that from 04.05.2022 the amount of the monthly commission for settlement and cash services within the Family service package (including all its additional options) returns to the value that was valid until 01.03.2022. 

Please be informed that on 06.01.2021, JSC "Pravex Bank" will stop the extension of payment cards that expired. Cards with an expiration date on April 30, 2021 will be extended until the end of May 2021, after that on May 31, 2021 all cards that have been extended from March 2020 to April 2021 will be blocked. If you have not yet received a new card to replace the one that has expired, we advise you to contact the branches to order and receive a new payment card on time.

Dear customers!
We would like to inform you that due to the lack of economic expediency and taking into account the fact that the same tariff for the holders of the Bank's payment cards is applied to cash withdrawal operations at ATMs of the "Atmosfera" network, as for cash withdrawals at any other ATMs in Ukraine (except ATMs of JSC "PRAVEX BANK"), the Bank has decided to terminate its participation in the unified ATM network "Atmosfera" from November 25, 2022.

Also, we would like to inform you that the offer to use the free PCR service is a COVID 19 test at Boryspil Airport (Terminals D and B) and Odessa Airport for holders of Mastercard World Elite payment cards wit PRAVEX BANK. In case of termination of the transferred service, the date will be notified additionally, but not later than 7 days before the date of expired.


To download Memo for clients while using the card

0 800 500 450 – free from landline and mobile telephones within  the territory of Ukraine;

(044) 201 16 17(62) – Kyiv, calls are charged according to the  conditions of operators providing communication services.

Dear customers,
We bring to your attention a list of links to the websites of Intesa Sanpaolo Group banks, which contain information about ATMs of these banks.
Pay attention to the tariffs of JSC "PRAVEX BANK" for cash withdrawal operations in these ATMs (there is no commission for the issuance of cash in certain amounts determined by the relevant tariffs).
From 10.03.22 in these ATMs for JSC "PRAVEX BANK" cards the DCC service is not used (which in case of its use by the client led to losses on exchange rate difference), and also the commission of these banks for cash withdrawal on cards of foreign banks is canceled. ).

List of links to Intesa Sanpaolo ATMs


We would like to inform you that in connection with the joining of JSC PRAVEX BANK to the state Program "eSupport", approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1272 of 09.12.2021 and Resolution 99199 of 04.03.2022, from 17.03.2022 Tariffs for individuals - holders of private payment cards under the "eSupport" Program.

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that from May 2, 2022, the amount of interest rates at which interest on the "Accumulative account" service is accrued to accounts in the national currency within the "Famiglia" service package (and all its options) will change. 4% per annum in UAH for "Famiglia" service packages (and all its options except R&B) and 5% per annum in UAH for "Famiglia R&B" service packages. 

Please be informed that from 01.06.2022 the amount of the currency conversion fee when replenishing / debiting from the card account within the "Cappuccino" service package (ZKP) will return to the value valid until 11.03.2022 and will be 1%.
We would like to inform you that from 01.06.2022 the commission for the service "cash withdrawal with simultaneous non-cash payment in the trade network through POS-terminals" within the Family (including all its additional options) and Cappuccino (including all its additional options) service package returns to which was in effect until March 28, 2022, and will amount to 1.2% + UAH 2.
We would like to inform you that from June 1, 2022, changes will be made to the Tariffs for individuals - holders of private payment cards within the framework of the "eSupport" Program, the possibility of replenishing the card account has been added.