PRAVEX ONLINE for individuals and entrepreneurs

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PRAVEX ONLINE is a mobile application for individuals and individual entrepreneurs that will meet your banking needs remotely. 

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Registration in PRAVEX ONLINE
Card issuance in PRAVEX ONLINE
Opening a deposit in PRAVEX ONLINE
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  • Creation of payment templates
  • Secure chat with the bank with the ability to transfer files
  • Archive of transactions
  • View full card number and CVC2\CVV2
  • Ability to change settings (login, password, language)
  • Saving and using cards of other banks
  • Payment for utilities without commission
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Cash management

  • Regular payments - automatic bill payment
  • Saving account on the main and additional card;
  • Forming of the loan repayment schedule
  • Forming of statements on cards/accounts
  • Closing an account
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Payments and money transfers

  • P2p transfers
  • Card to card transfers (between your own and other banks' cards)
  • Transfers by phone number
  • Payments by bank details
  • Top up your mobile account
  • Payment for utilities without commission
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 Additional opportunities

  • Opening deposit and current accounts
  • Registration and activation of cards
  • Payment for the FAMIGLIA and CAPPUCINO service package
  • Buying and selling currency
  • Support for Apple pay and Google pay
  • Online card registration is availableSupport
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  • Fingerprint sign-in
  • Setting and changing a PIN code on the card
  • 3DS 2.0 transaction confirmation technology

Money transfers on payment details shall be made according to the regulations for making payments, namely on business days of the Bank:

Internal money transfers within PRAVEX BANK until 11:45 p.m.

External money transfers outside the Bank until 10:10 p.m.

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