Cash payments

PRAVEX BANK is one of the few banks that accepts payments in favor of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (IE) both from individuals and from legal entities and IE.

If you are a legal entity or a IE, PRAVEX BANK offers to enter into an agreement on accepting cash payments in your favor. This agreement will help you solve a number of problems that arise in working with cash, and will save on:

  • purchase of a cash register;
  • the cost of equipping the premises for the box office;
  • cashier's salary;
  • encashment

Having concluded an agreement with PRAVEX BANK on acceptance of payments, you will be able to get rid of constant checks of the cash register by the tax inspection! The technology of working under the contract is very simple: the buyer of your services or goods on the basis of the cash document pays cash into the bank, and you receive money in cashless form to your current account. You do not have to open a current account with PRAVEX BANK.

When concluding an agreement on acceptance of payments, you get the opportunity to:

  • receive generalized registers * of accepted payments in paper form free of charge;
  • receive registers * electronically every day free of charge to your e-mail address, which will allow you to quickly track payments before the actual transfer of funds to your account;
  • choose a convenient option for payment of the commission for accepting payments (recipient company or payer);
  • receive payments from your clients throughout Ukraine on the basis of one agreement;
  • receive payments accepted for the day in your favor in one amount;
  • in the case of concluding a contract, the possibility of sending a payment for incorrect details is excluded, because your details will be included in the cashier's program;

* the register contains the following data: P.I.P. the payer, the amount of the accepted payment, the amount of the commission, the purpose of the payment; final data: the amount of accepted payments per day, the number of accepted payments per day.

We guarantee the clarity of the transfer of accepted payments to your account.
More than 12,000 enterprises and organizations of Ukraine have already concluded payment acceptance agreements with our Bank.
To enter into an agreement, you can contact the director of the nearest branch of the Bank.

Warning! Without concluding a contract, you can pay in cash on behalf of your company in favor of other companies and institutions for goods, services, rent, pay taxes and fees, etc.