About participation in Deposit Guarantee Fund

About participation in the Deposit Guarantee Fund of individuals

Deposit Guarantee Fund is a State Specialized Institution, which guarantees each deposit-individuals of the bank participating funds for deposits (including bank accounts and registered deposit certificates), including interest, in the number of total deposits, but not more than 200 000 UAH.  With more information on the procedure for compensation of deposits, you can get acquainted with the help of a system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals and laws of Ukraine, which are located in this section of the Bank's website.

Contacts Fund Guarantee Funds of Individuals:

  • 0-800-308-108 (calls in Ukraine from stationary free)
  • 044-333-36-55 (according to the tariffs of the communication operator)
  • 04053, Kyiv, Sіchovih Strіl'cіv street, 17
  • e-mail: fgvfo@fg.gov.ua, сайт: http://www.fg.gov.ua/
  1. Law of Ukraine "On a system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals."  Review
  2. On a system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals.  Section "depositors".  Review.
  3. Information on "Protection of depositors' rights".  Review
  4. Information brochure about the Foundation. Review
  5. Funds that the fund shall not reimburse.  Review
  6. Materials of financial enlightenment.  Get acquainted