About participation in Deposit Guarantee Fund

About participation in the Deposit Guarantee Fund of individuals

the Deposit guarantee Fund is a state specialized establishment, which guarantees every depositor-natural person member banks of the Fund compensation of funds on deposits (including Bank accounts and personal Deposit certificates), including interest, in the amount of the total deposits, but not exceeding UAH 200,000. For more detailed information on the procedure for repayment of deposits You can find Help on the system of guaranteeing the deposits of individuals and the laws of Ukraine, which are placed in this section of the website of the Bank. 

Detailed information about the system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals in Ukraine You can obtain by contacting the following details of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ' deposits: 04053, Kyiv, vul. Riflemen, 17, tel.: 0-800-308-108 (calls within Ukraine from the fixed-free) (044) 333-36-55 (according to the tariffs of the operator), e-mail: fgvfo@fg.gov.ua website: http://www.fg.gov.ua/

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