Map of branches and ATMs

Dear customers,
for the period of suspension of the activities of PRAVEX BANK branches located in the zone of temporary occupation, the following receiving branches will provide customer service, including responding to customer requests, opening/closing customer accounts, re-identifying customers, other:

  • for the "Kherson Regional Directorate" branch - the "Vinnytsia Regional Directorate" branch;

  • for the Azov branch - the "Dnipro regional directorate" branch.

Dear clients,
Please pay attention to the tariffs of PRAVEX BANK for cash withdrawal operations at Intesa Sanpaolo ATMs (there is no commission for issuing cash in certain volumes determined by the relevant tariffs).
In these ATMs, the DCC service can be used for PRAVEX BANK cards (therefore, to avoid additional costs due to the exchange rate difference, we advise you to carefully choose the currency of the transaction at the ATM), and we also ask you to pay attention to the presence of a commission of these banks for issuing cash funds using cards of foreign banks ( ATM surcharge, information about which should be displayed before the cash withdrawal operation).



Address: 01021, Ukraine, Kyiv, Klovskiy Uzviz, 9/2

c/a 32005176801 in Chief Department of the NBU in Kyiv and Kyiv Region

MFO Code 380838

Identification number in EDRPOU 14360920

Fax: 044-521-04-80

Е-mail: bank@pravex.ua

Liсense of NBU No. as of 18.04.2018

S.W.I.F.T.: code: PRAVUAUK;



TELEX: (64) 612619 PRAVX RU

Icon fond Member of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund
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