Current account “ПРАВЕКС-РЕКОРД for Payment of Wages in Foreign Currency”

Free opening of current account in USD and / or EUR;

Free withdrawal from “PRAVEX RECORD FOR PAYMENT OF WAGES IN FOREIGN CURRENCY” account of cash in USD or EUR;

Charges for replenishment is 0.6% at the moment of crediting funds to the account;

Weekly accrual of interest on the account balance;

Issuing a bank power of attorney to the current account in the name of spouse (close relative);

In order to open the current account You need:

to apply to the nearest branch of the Bank;

to provide the package of necessary documents:

passport of citizen of Ukraine,

individual tax number,

seaman’s passport (if available) and/ or contract with non-resident company;

After opening the account “PRAVEX RECORD FOR PAYMENT OF WAGES IN FOREIGN CURRENCY” in required currency (USD / EUR), to provide number of such account to the employer company for further payment of wages.

To review  forms of  documents

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