List of documents necessary for opening the current account of individual:

for  citizens of Ukraine:

with permanent residence in  Ukraine: passport of a citizen of Ukraine or temporary identity card of a citizen of Ukraine, for minors under 16 – birth certificate;

who move to a permanent place of  residence abroad: passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad with a note on moving to a permanent place of residence abroad; 

with permanent place of residence abroad: passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad with a note on consular registration outside Ukraine;

for  foreign citizens:

with permanent residence in Ukraine: passport document with a note on  availability of permission for permanent residence and permanent residence  permit;

who are temporarily in Ukraine: passport document;

for  stateless persons who:

permanently reside in Ukraine: permanent residence permit;

temporarily live in Ukraine: passport document;

for  refugees: refugee ID card.

The passport document of a foreigner and a stateless person is a document confirming the foreigner's citizenship or identifying a stateless person, issued by an authorized body of a foreign state or a statutory organization of the United Nations, granting the right to travel abroad and is recognized by Ukraine.

If the documents mentioned in this paragraph do not provide the possibility to the bank to determine the place of residence or the place of temporary residence of the individual (passport with a note on registration, a mark on prolongation of the stay in Ukraine with an indication of place of residence), the bank has the right to request the client other document containing such information (certificate from the housing and communal services office on the place of permanent/ temporary residence, agreement for lease of accomodation, legal documents for real estate, other documents (notes).

Resident individuals in addition to passport or document replacing it shall also provide the document issued by state tax service body, certifying that they have been assigned a taxpayer identification number.

The Bank has the right to open the account to individual – resident without providing the document certifying the assignment of taxpayer identification number if the passport of the person contains the note on the right to perform payments without identification number.