IBAN calculator

The calculator automatically calculates the account number in IBAN format, in accordance of the entered data. The calculator does not check whether there is a specific account number. Please enter the number of the account in JSC "PRAVEX BANK":

The Account in the format IBAN will consist of 29 alphanumeric characters, laid out in the following sequence:

IBAN calculator

Details replenishment of card accounts of natural persons by means of transfer in national currency:

Transit score: 29240700469584 / UA473808380000029240700469584 (IBAN(one on the BANK in the national currency only)

MFO: 380838 in the case of using account number (IBAN) - 0

Enterprise: 14360920

Bank of recipient: JSC PRAVEX BANK


According to the requirements approved by the NBU Instruction No. 22 of 21.01.2004 in the PURPOSE of PAYMENT be SURE to must be specified: 

  1. the name of the recipient (account holder); 
  2. the Number of the card account (technical account card) of the beneficiary; 
  3. the purpose of the transfer (enrolment). According to a document.
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