PRAVEX BANK – one of the few banks accepting payments for legal entities and private entrepreneurs both from individuals and from legal entities and private entrepreneurs.

If you are a legal entity or a private entrepreneur, PRAVEX BANK offers to conclude an agreement on acceptance of cash payments in your favor. The respective agreement will help you to resolve a whole range of issues arising when working with cash and will allow you to save on:

  • purchasing cash register;
  • expenses for equipment of a room for the cash desk office;
  • joint teller salary;
  • encashment of cash funds.

By concluding with PRAVEX BANK an agreement on acceptance of payments, you will be able to avoid constant checks of the cash register by tax inspection! The technology of work under the agreement is very simple: the buyer of your services or goods on the basis of a cash document deposits cash to the Bank’s cash desk office, and you receive money in a non-cash form on your current account. At the same time, you are not required to open a current account in PRAVEX BANK.

When concluding an agreement on acceptance of payments you obtain the possibility: 

  • free of charge to receive generalized registers* of accepted payments in paper form;
  • free of charge to receive registers* in electronic form on your e-mail on a daily basis, which would allow you to quickly track payments until the actual crediting of funds to your account;
  • to select a comfortable option of payment of commission fee for acceptance of payment (by receiving enterprise or by the payer);
  • to receive payments from your clients all over the territory of Ukraine under one agreement;
  • to receive payments received during a day in your favor in one amount;
  • in case of the conclusion of the agreement the possibility of sending payment according to incorrect bank details is eliminated due to that Your details would be entered into the program of a joint teller; 

* register contains the following data: surname, first name, patronymic of the payer, amount of accepted payment, amount of commission fee, description of payment purpose; summary data: the number of accepted payments per day, number of accepted payments per day.

More than 12,000 enterprises and organizations in Ukraine have already concluded agreements on the acceptance of payments with our bank.   

In order to conclude the agreement, you may approach the manager of the closest branch.

Attention! Without the conclusion of the agreement, you can make payments by cash on behalf of your enterprise in favor of other enterprises and institutions for goods, services, leases, pay taxes and duties etc.