What minimum balance amount shall be kept on current UAH/ foreign currency account?

There is no minimum balance amount on current accounts of individuals. In the absence of turnovers and balances on the account during the year, the account is automatically closed. 

In which currencies are current accounts to individuals in “PRAVEX BANK” opened?

Current accounts to individuals in our bank are opened in UAH, USD, Euro, Pounds Sterling, Swiss Francs and Russian Rubles.

What amount of transfer can be received from abroad to current foreign currency account?

The amount of transfer You can receive to current foreign currency account is unlimited.

For what amount can I make a transfer when moving to permanent place of residence abroad?

The amount of transfer when moving to permanent place of residence is unlimited. For making a transfer You need to provide to the Bank:

a foreign passport with a note on departure to a permanent place of residence with an indication of the country you are moving to;

certificate on residence from housing and communal services.

When moving to a permanent place of residence, You can make a transfer to your own account abroad.

How much time does transfer of funds to current account of individual from abroad take?

Transfer of funds to current account of an individual is performed within 3-5 days. 

What amount of funds can be exported outside Ukraine without issuing currency export certificate?

From July 27, 2008 Resolution of Management Board of the NBU No. 148 dd. 27.05.2008 came into force which approves Instruction for Transfer of Cash Funds and Banking Metals Across the Customs Border of Ukraine, according to which the individual (RESIDENT / NON-RESIDENT) has the right: — to bring to the territory of Ukraine and export outside Ukraine the cash funds in the amount not exceeding the equivalent of EUR 10, 000 without written declaring it in the customs authority; — to import/ to export the amount exceeding the equivalent of EUR 10,000 subject to declaring it in full amount in writing in the customs authority  and subject to presence of documents which confirm withdrawal of cash funds from accounts of banks (financial institutions), exclusively for an amount exceeding the equivalent of EUR 10,000. Based on the above, from 27.07.2008, the currency export certificates ARE NOT issued!!!!!!!