Visa Alias - card-to-card transfers by phone number

Thanks to the Visa Alias service, users of the Pravex Online mobile application have the opportunity to link their mobile phone number to the payment card to receive transfers by phone number; and in order to send money to someone, all you need to do is know the recipient's phone number or select it from the list of contacts on your smartphone. This approach eliminates the need for customers to use the recipient's 16-digit payment card number, which simplifies the transfer operation and increases its security.

On the occasion of the introduction of the Visa Alias service every calendar month from 25.08.21 по 31.12.21 (during partial August, full September and December 2021) in Pravex Online will be available the first 2 free p2p transfers from any payment card of the Bank in terms of package FAMIGLIA and CAPUCCINO to another bank's card. Starting from the third p2p transfer, the tariff will be 0.45% + UAH 5.

Transfers made both by phone number and by card number will be free of charge.