3D Secure 2.0

Updated 3D secure technology version 2.0. in PRAVEX ONLINE

An updated technology 3D secure version 2.0. available for users of PRAVEX ONLINE mobile application is used during making by clients of transactions with payment cards of “PRAVEX BANK” JSC on the Internet.

  • For confirmation of a transaction on the Internet identification of the client by a fingerprint or recognition of the client’s – owner of a smartphone with installed PRAVEX ONLINE application face is used.
  • While carrying out a transaction on the Internet, the client receives to his or her mobile telephone number connected to 3D Secure 2.0, a push-message, clicking on which he/she enters mobile application PRAVEX ONLINE. 
  • While entering the application, the client will be identified using scanning of a fingerprint with Touch ID or using recognition of the client’s face with Face ID, after which the client will confirm the transaction in the application. 

Use of this means of confirmation of the transaction is only possible, if the bank – acquirer ensuring the possibility to make payments on the Internet, supports 3D Secure technology 2.0 (if the bank – acquirer does not support the updated technology, the confirmation of the transaction takes place, as usual, using receipt of a code in SMS and by entering this code on the page of confirmation of the transaction on the Internet).

To start using 3D Secure 2.0 technology, the client needs to:

  1. Update the application PRAVEX ONLINE to the last version;
  2. To set entering the mobile application PRAVEX ONLINE with use of Touch ID / Face ID (in case the telephone does not support Touch ID / Face ID, or if a password, a code etc. is used for confirmation of entering the mobile application, the client receives an SMS –message with a code of confirmation of the transaction in the Internet);
  3. To set in the telephone the possibility to receive push-messages;
  4. To switch on in settings of PRAVEX ONLINE the possibility to receive push-messages;
  5. In case of change of the telephone (a new telephone) or of use of another /additional telephone with the mobile application PRAVEX ONLINE, it is necessary on the new (other) telephone to make settings 1-4. In this case push-messages will be sent only to the new (other) telephone.

Instruction for connection to 3 DS 2.0. in mobile application Pravex Online.pdf.pdf