Management and structure of the Bank



Gianluca Corrias

Chairman of the Management Board

Was born in Dec 1960 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Graduated from Tufts University in Boston (USA) in 1982, obtained a Master’s Degree in West European Studies form Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (USA) in 1984, and a degree in Political Science from the University of Cagliari (Italy) in 1987. He has close to 30 years experience in the banking sector, all of these years with the Intesa Sanpaolo group. Gianluca began his career in 1990 in Banca Commerciale, Milan, and in 1994 was transferred to London to head the Italian Desk. When Banca Commerciale became Banca Intesa in 2000, Gianluca was appointed Deputy General Manager of London branch and Global Relationship Manager for a number of key corporate relationships. From 2003 to 2006, he was in charge of the Financial Institutions area in Banca Intesa in New York, and after returned to Milano as Head of Bank Relations. After that he returned to New York as General Manager until 2012. In February 2012, he became Head of Internationalization Business Development for Italian SMEs, and in 2014 Head of Corporate Banking of the International Subsidiaries Banks Division (ISBD). In December 2015, he was appointed CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Intesa in Russia. In 2018, he moved to Ukraine and commenced his duties as First Deputy Chairman of the Board of PRAVEX BANK, and is CEO Chairman of the Management Board of PRAVEX BANK since December 2019.


Semion Babayev

Deputy Chairman of Management Board, Head of Retail Division

Semion Babayev became a part of PRAVEX BANK team in January 2003. Mister Babaiev has been working in the banking sector for more than 17 years. Semion possesses solid experience in the field of retail business, precious metals and treasury transactions. He grew from Branch Manager to Deputy Chairman of Management Board. Semion Babaiev leads Retial Department now, he is Deputy Chairman of Management Board. Mister Babaiev received higher eduction in Vinnytsia Trade and Economic Institute of Kyiv Trade and Economic University with speciality “Corporate Economist”


Marko Koželj

Member of the Management Board, Chief Lending Officer

Was born in January 1982 in Belgrade, Serbia. Graduated from Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida (USA) in 2004 and obtained Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Finance and Accounting with Summa cum laude honors. He has close to 16 years of experience in the banking sector, of which 9 years within the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Marko began his career in early 2004 in Sun Trust Bank, Jacksonville (USA) and Atlanta, Georgia (USA) where he held positions from Retail Banking Specialist to lastly Corporate Banking Portfolio Specialist till end of 2006. Then, he returned to Serbia and started working for NLB Group until 2010 and then in Raiffeisen Group, both in Chief Risk Officer Area, until early 2011. That year, he started in Banca Intesa Serbia in CRO Area, responsible for NPL management with last position as Head of Credit Management Department. In April 2014, he moved to Intesa Sanpaolo in Milan, Italy, and assumed position of Head of Regional Credit Management Office for SEE region covering International Subsidiaries Banks Division banks (ISBD). In October 2016, he moved to Kyiv, Ukraine and commenced his duties as Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Management Board of Pravex Bank (ISBD). In April 2019, he commenced his new and current position of Chief Lending Officer and Member of the Management Board.


Dario Caprioli

Member of the Management Board, Head of COO Division

Born in March 1966 in Milano, Italy. Education – Graduated at Bocconi University Milan. Experience in banking sector – 25 years including 4 years in Ernst&Young as External Auditor on Banking Clients. Then worked for Royal Bank of Scotland, ABN AmRo, JPMorgan Flemings and ING. After 1 year as Banking Advisor, joined Intesa San Paolo SpA Milano and moved to PRAVEX BANK. Took office as the Head of CFO on December 1st, 2016. In March 2020, Dario was transferred to the position of the Head of COO Division.


Francesco Lupo

Member of the Management Board, Head of Corporate Division

Francesco Lupo joined PRAVEX BANK team on September 3rd, 2018. Higher education, University "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy. Post-Graduation Specialization in Banking, University of Economy and Commerce "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy. Previously, he held the position of Head of Corporate and SME Division, Member of the Executive Board Banca Intesa Beograd (Serbia). Before his position was a general director of Amsterdam Branch of Intesa Sanpaolo SpA (Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg SA from February 1, 2016) (the Netherlands). He has a huge 30-years’ experience in banking sector, 19 of them - in the Group.


Svitlana Basha

Member of the Management Board, Head of CFO Division

Was born in July 1979 in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2002, graduated from the Department of Economics of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (Ukraine), obtained a Master's Degree in Management. In June 2017, she received ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting. Svitlana has close to 15 years experience in banking sector. All these years she has been working in PRAVEX BANK. Svitlana began her banking career in September, 2004 at the position of economist in Corporate Clients Office of Plastic Cards Department. In 2005, she was transferred to the position of Head of Corporate Cards Development and Support Office of Plastic Cards Department. In 2006, she was transferred to Treasury Department to the position of Head of Assets and Liabilities Management Office and in 3 months was appointed as Head of Treasury Department. Being Head of Treasury Department, she was appointed at the same time responsible for work of Deposit Transactions Department. Recently, after acquisition of 100% share capital of PRAVEX BANK by Intesa Sanpaolo, in 2009 she was appointed as Head of newly set Planning and Control Department of CFO Division. In March 2020, Svitlana was transferred to the position of Head of CFO Division and appointed Member of Management Board of PRAVEX BANK


Olena Pokhodziaieva

Member of the Management Board, Head of Compliance and AML, Responsible Officer of the Bank for Financial Monitoring

She was born June 5, 1979 in g. Konotop, Sumy region. In 2001 and 2010 graduated from Kyiv national University and received a master's degree in law and master of Finance. In 2018, he received a master of business (MBA), Kyiv school of Economics. Also in April 2019, was trained in the field of prevention of money laundering and counter-terrorism with the support of the Government of Luxembourg and 18 April 2019 received a certificate from the training school of Luxembourg. In addition, in 2019, took training at the International Compliance Association (ICA), a program of prevention of financial crimes and 24 November 2019 received a certificate. His professional career began in 2001 as a senior legal adviser of legal Department of Joint stock Bank "PRAVEX-Bank". Then from 2005 to 2007, she worked as senior legal adviser in the Department of support corporate clients of the legal Department of JSC "UkrSibbank" (BNP Paribas Group), where he provided corporate business clients. From 2007 to April 2019 - head of legal Department, contract management and business business Law Department of JSC "UKRSIBBANK" (BNP Paribas group). From April 2019 to March 2020 - the head of Department of counteraction of money laundering and terrorist financing Compliance Department control of JSC "UKRSIBBANK" (BNP Paribas group). 02 March 2020 went to work in PRAVEX Bank for the post of Director of the Department complans and counteraction of legalization of incomes, received by criminal way, responsible employee of the Bank for carrying out financial monitoring. In April 2020 was elected a Member of the Board.



Yuliia Dubenchuk

Head of HR and Organization Department

Natalia Kovalchuk

Head of PR and Marketing Office


Ruslan Leshchenko

Head of Risk Management Department

Oleksiy Sirakov

Head of Cybersecurity and Business Continuty Management

Sergii Bulavin

Head of Internal Audit Department

Liliya Ostakhova

Chief Accountant, Head of Accounting Department


Ezio Salvai

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Освіта вища економічна. Стаж роботи в банківській сфері – 44 роки, з них 29 років на керівних посадах в банках та фінансових установах Італії, Угорщини, Словенії, Румунії. Призначений Головою Спостережної Ради 2 липня 2014. Також на даний час виконує обов'язки: -заступника Голови Ради Директорів Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania S.A. (Румунія) - не виконавчий член Ради Директорів, Голови Спостережної Ради VUB Banka (Словацька республіка) - незалежний член Спостережної Ради, Голови Спостережної Ради CIB Bank (Угорщина) - незалежний член Спостережної Ради.

Laura Febbraro

Independent Member of the Supervisory Board

Fabrizio Mallen

Independent member of the Supervisory Board

Corrado Casalino

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board (independent member)

Заступив на посаду 26 квітня 2018 року. Вища освіта в Італії. 37 років досвіду роботи в банківській сфері, з яких 23 роки - до 2009 року - на керівних посадах групи Intesa Sanpaolo у Мілані, Перуджі, Барі, Лондоні, Токіо, та заступник Голови Правління Banka Koper dd (Словенія). Протягом 2011 та 2012 - Надзвичайний комісар в Banca Ubae S.p.A. (Італія, Рим). Протягом своєї кар'єри займав посади в Crediop Finance Plc (Велика Британія, Лондон), Societe Europeenne de Banque (Люксембург), Banca Intesa (Франція, Париж) та Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Plc (Ірландія, Дублін).

Andrea Fazzolari

Member of the Supervisory Board

Призначений на посаду 27 липня 2018 року. Вища освіта в Італії - ступінь в галузі ділового адміністрування (110/110 cum laude). Досвід роботи в банківській системі - 19 років, з яких 12 років на керівних посадах в групі Intesa Sanpaolo. Призначення - Член Ради Директорів INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA, Член Наглядової Ради INTESA SANPAOLO BANK BIH (Боснія і Герцеговина), Директор Департаменту систем управління та стратегічних ініціатив Головного управління міжнародних дочірніх банків INTESA SANPAOLO S.p.A., яке охоплює 11 універсальних банків з присутністю в Центральній та Східній Європі, Близькому Сході та Північній Африці, та які обслуговують 8,4 мільйонів клієнтів через мережу понад 1300 відділень.

Lorenzo Fossi

Member of the Supervisory Board

Appointed on 27 July 2018. Higher education in Italy, degree in Economics (110/110). Work experience in banking system -18 years in CFO area with international exposure, out of which 9 years on managerial positions. Currently, Senior Director, Planning & Control of International Subsidiary Banks Division of Intesa Sanpaolo SpA that operates in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Emanuele Collini

Member of the Supervisory Board