Deposit accounts

A deposit account is opened free of charge for a period up to 2 years in the national currency, US dollars and Euro. Each contribution should be registered with an additional agreement to the Agreement, which regulates the amount, the date of receipt and repayment of funds, interest rate and other terms of deposit account agreements.

Repayment of funds and accrued interest from the deposit account shall be made by the Bank independently to the current account of the legal entity, specified in the additional agreement.

Terms of placement of a standard deposit:

  • from 2 days to 2 years - for deposits in all currencies.

The Bank works with each client individually and considers all your suggestions. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation and we are convinced that business with PRAVEX BANK will bring you success.

For deposits with the right of early return of the Deposit, in case of early request of the Client to return the deposit in full, the Bank recalculates
interest accrued to the Client on the deposit, according to the interest rate on demand deposits: hryvnia - 0.5%, US dollar, euro - 0.05%.