Protection against fraudsters during wartime

  • Using phishing sites, scammers steal money, passwords, secret card details, or personal information. The sites can seem to be very similar to the sites of actually existing charity foundations, however, they have different website URLs.
  • Check the correct names of the sites you go to and where you enter your personal details. The respective URLs of the genuine and scammers’ sites can look the same except for one or more characters.
  • If you receive any link to the charity foundation site via an instant messenger, SMS, or e-mail, or see such link in any publication on social media other than the official source, please do not follow it.
  • You should enter the name of the needed website in the search engine and only then you can go to the web resource.
  • Help the army and Ukrainian victims of the Russian aggression, but use reliable sources.

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened special fundraising accounts:

1. An instant money transfer to help the army can be made using a payment card and following the link.

2. You can help the Ukrainian victims of Russian aggression by making a transfer using the link or the PRAVEX ONLINE app.