Lending during the war

Taking into account the new requirements of the NBU, the terms of the grace period for loan contracts have been changed.

From now on the grace period provides for 2 components:

1. repayment of interest on loans - valid until 24.06.2022

2. repayment of the loan body - extended until 24.07.2022

Therefore, if you have not paid interest on the loan since 24.02.2022, the accumulated amount must be paid by 27.06.2022.

If you plan to make a payment according to the schedule after 24.06, but you have an overdue interest or you want to take advantage of the grace period in July on the body of the loan, please contact your personal manager to first use the funds to pay interest.

In the PRAVEX ONLINE application, the loan repayment functions appeared: 

  • repayment on schedule,
  • early partial repayment, 
  • full loan repayment.