PRAVEX BANK Launches Payment Cards Made From 100% Recycled Plastic


PRAVEX BANK launches payment cards made from 100% recycled plastic, sourced from ocean garbage.

The payment cards are marked with the Möbius symbol on the back, indicating that the raw materials are recycled. The transition from conventional plastic to recycled plastic represents a significant step in reducing our plastic footprint and protecting the environment.

Oleg Zaiats, head of the department of work with individuals of the Retail Business Division of PRAVEX BANK, says: "We strive to be not only a bank but an example of social responsibility. The problem of plastic usage is relevant, but we believe that now is the time for more ecological and intelligent solutions. Our initiatives contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and align with the ESG principles guiding the Bank in implementing its development strategy."

In May 2023, PRAVEX BANK joined the UN Global Compact. The Bank committed to complying with the thirteen goals of the UN Global Compact in four areas: protection of human rights, labor relations, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption. The bank does not just talk about changes; it actively works on them!

This initiative of PRAVEX BANK is another example of the fact that everyone can contribute to the creation of a better world. Let each of your payment cards be not only a means of payment but also a symbol of your support for the preservation of our planet.

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