PRAVEX BANK celebrates its 30th anniversary


On December 29, 2022, PRAVEX BANK will celebrate its 30th anniversary. The Bank was founded in 1992 by representatives of the Ukrainian business community. Since 2008, it has been part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, the international banking group which has been number one such group in Italy for three consecutive years and one of the largest such groups in Europe.  The Group has around 14.7 million customers in Italy, who are served both via digital and conventional service provision channels.

Today, PRAVEX BANK operates in the following three main segments: retail business, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate business.

The Bank applies a cautious approach to handling its customers’ risks regardless of the segment to which they belong. This shows that the Bank adheres to Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s ethical business model and philosophy in all countries where the Group is present. Also, as part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, the bank adheres to high standards of customer service, checks and protection of their funds.

The major thrust of PRAVEX BANK growth is making sustainable changes and creating strong foundations of economic, social, societal and environmental growth, which are based on the trust of its customers, partners and employees. PRAVEX BANK has earned public recognition and, therefore, at this stage can be rightfully proud of its achievements that made the PRAVEX BANK brand into a symbol of reliability and trust.

In 2020, PRAVEX BANK became the first bank in the market to have launched a 9.99% mortgage. This allowed the Bank to occupy 10% of the mortgage market and to receive an award as the number one bank in the mortgage lending market.

The Bank has been actively developing online banking entitled PRAVEX ONLINE, which has enabled it to become one of the top 10 banks that were the first to have adopted digital transformation in banking. The Bank’s personnel closely monitors customer mood and the market trends.

Despite the large-scale military operations and martial law in Ukraine, PRAVEX BANK is Ukraine’s first international bank to have launched the remote customer engagement technology. This fully corresponds to Ukraine’s digital adoption strategy which makes it possible to open accounts both in the branches and online without using paper forms and goes a long way towards customer loyalty. The Bank’s management team is looking into the future with confidence: the Parent Group’s support and the Bank’s progressive view of its services is the sure way to ensure PRAVEX BANK credibility and longevity.

Having been active in the Ukrainian bank market for 30 years, with every passing year PRAVEX BANK is becoming more accessible, convenient and closer to its potential customers and partners by meeting high-quality service standards and taking a personalized approach to every single request from its customers.

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