PRAVEX BANK continues to support small businesses


PRAVEX BANK offers small businesses the lowest interest rate for cash withdrawals in Ukraine and a free corporate card for a year, as one of the priorities of the Bank's activity is maximum customer support.

Therefore, the Bank offers tariffs with the lowest percentage for cash withdrawals, namely, in the new tariff packages for small businesses "Start Business", "Profi Business" and "TOP Business", the withdrawal fee will be 0.5% at PRAVEX BANK ATMs and 1 % - in ATMs of other banks.

Having issued one of the tariff packages, the client also receives a corporate card, which will be free for a year and has undeniable advantages:

  • Distribution of personal finances and funds related to business;
  • Carrying out business expenses 24/7;
  • Use of corporate account details in contracts or settlements with partners (for FOP);
  • Withdrawal of foreign currency equivalent to UAH 100,000 per month from each card account;
  • Free issuance of a Platinum Business level card per year;
  • Free business lounges under the Lounge Key program.

"We believe that doing your job well is the most effective help for the country in difficult times of challenges and trials. It sounds very clear and simple, but in practice, behind any stability is the colossal work of a large team. We are sure that an effective way to strengthen trust in the Bank is to provide clients with services that meet their goals and meet their financial needs. It is not only about accumulation but also about the safety of keeping funds in a reliable bank with foreign capital," said Anatolii Verbakhovskyi, Director of Retail business development of PRAVEX BANK.

If you are a small business owner, you are a big part of the country's sustainability. Today, small business needs support and a clear algorithm. PRAVEX BANK specialists support startups and cooperate with small businesses, and systematic work on the digitalization of products in combination with the implementation of ESG principles can be considered the dogma of the Bank's professional team.

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