PRAVEX BANK continues to update the network of ATMs using NFC


PRAVEX BANK constantly improves and makes its services more accessible to customers. Introducing innovative solutions in 2022, the bank started updating the network of ATMs and supplementing them with new functionality: Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

This contactless technology makes it possible to withdraw cash without a card - just using a smartphone or smartwatch. Currently, PRAVEX BANK has already updated 58 ATMs.

"Contactless ATMs are a modern solution for card transactions. For the client, this is added convenience and security. And for banks, creating a network of ATMs with an NFC module is another important step in implementing contactless technologies in banking products. The use of NFC technology helps to carry out transactions at ATMs quickly and conveniently and safely", said Ruslan Kupchak, Retail Business Development Director, Network Support and Coordination Department of PRAVEX BANK.

To operate an ATM through a contactless NFS module, present a card, phone, or watch (Apple Pay, Google Pay services) or a card with contactless payment technology (Visa payWave, MasterCard Contactless) to the NFS module on the ATM. Next, the standard menu for entering a PIN and selecting the desired operation is activated. Contactless ATMs also accept conventional payment cards with a magnetic strip and chip.

PRAVEX BANK plans to update and optimize network ATMs and use innovative technologies for high productivity and reliability.

Remind you that PRAVEX BANK recently joined the POWER BANKING project. "ATM national roaming" was introduced in the bank's network, according to which a client of any bank can withdraw an increased amount of cash.

At PRAVEX BANK ATMs, you can withdraw UAH 100,000 per day from one card without commission; the limit for one transaction is UAH 20,000. In total, you can make 15 cash withdrawal operations per day.


You can view the list of all bank ATMs by the link:

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