PRAVEX BANK Joins Mastercard’s “Partial approval” Service


PRAVEX BANK customers who hold Mastercard® cards now have access to the new payment service “Partial approval”, recently launched in Ukraine by Mastercard. 

This service allows users to combine different payment methods within a single purchase, offering greater flexibility and convenience. If there are insufficient funds on the bank card to complete the payment, clients can immediately pay the remaining amount using another payment card or cash, without interrupting the purchase or splitting it into two separate transactions.

Mastercard cardholders from PRAVEX BANK, which is a part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, can now use the new “Partial approval” service at gas stations where the service is already available. Additionally, Bank clients can utilize this service when transferring money from card to card on the website. The partner network for the service will gradually expand.

How the “Partial approval” service works:

1. The user makes a purchase at a partner network using a Mastercard from PRAVEX BANK.

2. If the card balance is less than the purchase amount and the bank confirm the possibility of using the “Partial approval” service, the cashier informs the customer about the service and offers to pay the remaining balance using another method.

3. The customer pays the difference using the chosen method — another card from any bank of various payment systems, or cash.

If the customer is not willing to pay the remaining balance, he can complete the purchase for the amount confirmed by the bank, limiting himself to only part of the goods, or cancel the transaction.

The new “Partial approval” service from Mastercard will provide PRAVEX BANK customers with more options for selecting payment methods, making purchases even more convenient and straightforward.

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