PRAVEX BANK and NIBULON Have Signed a Bilateral Agreement for the Restructuring of a $5.5 mln Loan


PRAVEX BANK, which is part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, and NIBULON, one of the largest grain market operators in Ukraine, have entered into a bilateral agreement for the renewal of the loan restructuring of $5.5 million. 

ПРАВЕКС БАНК і «НІБУЛОН» підписали двосторонню угоду про реструктуризацію кредиту на 5,5 млн доларів

Being partners with a long history of cooperation, they agreed to extend the term of the contract for a period of 6 years with preferential interest rates and a 'grace period' for the debt repayment.

“PRAVEX BANK approaches each case of debt restructuring individually, considering the specifics of the business and the needs of the clients. Such an approach allows us to provide the most effective financial solutions and maintain stable partnership relations”, emphasized Yuriy Lytvynenko, Head of the Credit Management Department at PRAVEX BANK. 

The loan restructuring will enable NIBULON to optimize financial flows and concentrate on implementing strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing and advancing Ukraine's agricultural sector.

Iryna Levkivska, CFO of NIBULON, said, “We are confident that this step will be an important stimulus for further growth and prosperity of the company, strengthening our positions in the market and helping the country develop its economy”. 

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