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Fideuram Direct, the digital platform for savers and traders who want to invest remotely in financial markets, announces Direct Advisory, the new remote, investment management advisory service, which leverages a team of Direct Bankers.

The initiative was announced today at the “Gioia 22 Tower”, the skyscraper in Porta Nuova, Milan’s innovation district, which houses Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking and other Divisions of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

Carlo Messina, Intesa Sanpaolo’s Managing Director and CEO, stated: 

“The strategic repositioning of our Group, which began almost ten years ago, towards private banking, asset management and insurance, has contributed decisively to bringing us to a leading position in Europe for solidity, efficiency and profitability. The latest Business Plan saw us open numerous innovation projects: in a market where technology will always be a dominant factor, we are always going to be a driving force. Digital Innovation and Artificial Intelligence are not threats to the banking and financial world - at least not for those who can manage them with foresight - and are destined to become elements employed to build the future of our sector, as well as many others, at a global level”.

Luca Bortolan, Head of Direct Banking at Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, explained some specific aspects of the new advisory model, suitable for a new generation of savers who prefer an innovative approach to financial planning.

Direct Advisory stands out for:

  • the balance between the digital experience and the human relationship
  • Fideuram – ISPB’s 50+ years of experience in investment management
  • the range of solutions offered by Fideuram Asset Management, the asset management company of the Private Banking Division
  • the offering of products from the best international asset managers, selected by Fideuram Asset Management
  • the use of the Aladdin platform, one of the most advanced guided portfolio construction and risk management platforms
  • the solutions available to interact with customers remotely, including the new “Welcome+” app
  • the team of Direct Bankers, professionals enrolled in Italy’s sole register of financial advisers and coordinated by Andrea Favero, responsible for building and managing investment portfolios that best meet customer needs.

Paola Papanicolaou, Group Head of Transformation at Intesa Sanpaolo, explained the growing importance that the WealthTech sector is taking on in the asset management and consulting world. She highlighted the digital transformation path taken by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group towards a Tech Company capable of attracting talent and skills through 2,000 new hires in technology and relevant investments to create a series of enablers to develop innovative business models for the Commercial Divisions.

In his closing remarks, Tommaso Corcos, Managing Director of Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking said: 

“The future of consulting has arrived. Technological innovation is one of the qualifying factors of our Business Plan, whilst the creation of trust - through a personal relationship - represents the distinctive element of financial advice. With Fideuram Direct, the first digital network of private bankers, customers who wish to rely on a specialist, experienced and trusted adviser, can now choose to operate through a range of technological tools. This is how we are expanding our advisory arm with a complementary service that adds to our traditional networks, with a view to becoming a leader in the digital arena too. We also want to contribute to the spread of financial education to a new generation of customers and to encourage new professionals, cultivating a new generation of financial advisers with a strong bias towards innovation.”

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Fideuram - Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking is a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group and wholly owned by Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. The Division brings together the companies providing the Group's financial advisory, wealth and fiduciary services. It is the leading Private Bank in Italy and one of the top banks in Europe, with assets of €346.6 billion and an international asset management presence with expertise in both liquid and private markets to support Private Bankers and their customers. Over 6,600 Private Bankers work for the Division across five networks: Fideuram, Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, Sanpaolo Invest, IW Private Investments, and the International Network.

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