Generate new key

STEP 1. Generation of a new EDS key in one of the accredited key certification centers (AKCC):

The electronic registry of valid, blocked and revoked public key certificates is available here.

STEP 2. Save the key and certificate in a safe and accessible place.

STEP 3. You can submit a request to the Bank for key certification physically through the branch (in 2 printed and signed copies).

STEP 4. After receiving information about the successful processing of the request for key certification, start registration in PRAVEXBANK BIZ.


Attention! The processing time of an application for key generation at “PRAVEX BANK” JSC Key Certification Centre is up to 24 hours from the moment the application was submitted. In case the request is not processed within 24 hours, please contact the contact center at 0 800 500 450 (item 5 of the menu) or the servicing branch.