Cash-covered loan

The product is intended to finance the current activities or other business goals of the client.

Type of loan: term loan, non-revolving / renewable credit line for replenishment of working capital or investment purposes (acquisition of fixed assets).

Amount: up to UAH 5 mln.

Currency: UAH

Term: for the term of the deposit provided as collateral (maturity of the loan shall be earlier than maturity of the deposit no more than by 45 days).

Security: funds on the deposit account in PRAVEX BANK (in national or foreign currency), the pledger may be both a legal entity and an individual.

Interest rate: + 2.5% margin on the deposit rate in national currency (or equivalent), fixed for the entire term of the loan.

Repayment of interest: on the 26th of each month.

Commission: 0.5% commission for setting the credit limit.

Loan repayment: monthly / quarterly / at the end of the contract

In order to obtain more detailed information on the conditions of the product, please contact the service branch.