General information

To receive additional financial guarantees for keeping the contents of the safe in the amount of up to UAH 200,000, as well as guarantees for reimbursement of expenses for recovery of lost, broken keys from the safe and change of locks, use a new service from PRAVEX BANK: comprehensive safe rental agreement with insurance service!

Provision of the safe for use is carried out after the conclusion of the corresponding contract and payment of cost of rent of the safe. At your discretion, depending on the size and volume of the property, you can choose the most appropriate size of the safe. PRAVEX BANK offers safes of different sizes (from 60 * 303 * 450 to 300 * 303 * 450 mm).

When concluding the contract, the client makes:

  • fee for the use of the safe (paid in advance for the entire rental period);
  • the amount of return of 2 keys from the safe. No interest is accrued on the amount of collateral. The mortgage money is returned after the customer returns the keys.

To enter into an agreement you must have:

  • passport;
  • power of attorney of the enterprise, certified by the signature of the head and the seal of the organization, which must indicate the information to whom the right to sign the application for use of the safe on behalf of the organization and the right to dispose of the safe during use, or the order which states that the person is a director).