Commission for settlement and cash service*  

For cards issued by PRAVEX BANK 
For cards issued by other banks 
Commission withheld from the Merchant when performing fund transfer operations when paying bills with payment cards using a POS terminal



* to be retained by Acquire, is calculated from the amount of each transaction that was carried out using the Cards at the place 

of sale of goods (earnings, services) of the Merchant.

Monthly subscription fee for the Acquiring service*

Tariff packages  
Monthly subscription fee depending on the total amount of reimbursements from the "Acquiring" service to the client's account per month, UAH**
up to 50 000,00 
50 000,01-100 000,00 
from 100 000,01 
Start Business/General Rates/Economy/Standard/Optimal/Entrepreneurial/Famiglia ІТ/Famiglia DOCTOR/Lux/Unlimited
Profi Business/TOP Business

* valid from 01.02.2024

** in case of opening an account and activating the Acquiring service within one calendar month, the monthly subscription fee for the Acquiring service for such month is not charged.

The monthly subscription fee for the Acquiring service is charged on the first calendar day of the month following the reporting month, and only if there are reimbursement transactions under the Acquiring service on the account and the amount of such transactions is up to UAH 100 000,00 inclusive for the reporting month.

Tariff packages of current accounts