Transactions with non-cash foreign currency

PRAVEX BANK is amongst the leading banks performing on the most favourable conditions for the clients:  

  • Purchase/sale of non-cash foreign currency for non-cash hryvnia on settlement conditions “TODAY”, “TOMORROW”, “SPOT” at the favourable exchange rate.
  • Purchase/sale of restrictedly convertible currencies for hryvnia.

Conditions of provision of services of purchase/sale of non-cash foreign currency by PRAVEX BANK are:

  • The most favourable exchange rates and tariffs. PRAVEX BANK executes client’s application according to real non-cash foreign currency purchase and sale exchange rates. Due to professional work of dealers PRAVEX BANK’s clients have the most favourable exchange rates of purchase/sale of non-cash foreign currency.
  • Excellent reputation of the bank at the international level and as a result direct correspondent relations with the largest international banks. This ensures high speed, low cost and reliability of transfers.
  • Possibility of accelerated crediting of hryvnia from the sale of foreign currency.
  • The service of accelerated crediting (advancing) of hryvnia equivalent of sold foreign currency to the current account of client ensures guaranteed crediting of funds in UAH from the sale of foreign currency by 16:00. 
  • Possibility of remote servicing under system “Client-Bank+” and “Internet-Client-Bank”. Executing and sending applications for purchase/sale of foreign currency, payment orders in foreign currency.
  • High level of qualitative performance of currency control. Currency Transactions Office Employees of Treasury and Markets Department timely warn clients of the emergence of possible problems and will always help the client to find an optimal way of resolving the situation that occurred.
  • Individual approach to every client, personal management.
  • Confidentiality. Promptness of performance of transactions. High quality servicing.
  • In our bank you can receive better conditions for purchase/sale of foreign currency, due to that PRAVEX BANK is one of the largest operators of Ukrainian Interbank Foreign Exchange Market, and this enables working with permanent partners under the most favourable conditions. This is exactly why we can offer you the best exchange rate and optimal tariffs.
  • You can always receive quality consultation on the issues of your interest in the Head Office, branches of PRAVEX BANK.