Bank transfers

PRAVEX BANK has a wide network of direct correspondent accounts in foreign banks constructed in order to meet the needs of clients in receiving foreign currency from abroad and in transferring foreign currency funds to any place in the world at the shortest time.

  • Correspondent accounts of PRAVEX BANK are opened in 6 foreign currencies in 10 foreign banks in 5 countries of the world.
  • Bank transfers are accepted and sent via S.W.I.F.T. system, which is presently the most modern, quick and protected way of interbank communications.
  • Transfers of currency can be made to the current,  deposit and card accounts of the clients of PRAVEX BANK, as well as in favour of individuals on demand (according to the passport data) without opening an account.  Commission fee for crediting of funds to the account shall not be charged.  
  • Transfers of currency are sent in PRAVEX BANK on the day of receipt from the client of a payment order. Funds shall arrive on the account of the recipient within 1-3 banking days.

The payment order in foreign currency or banking metals (used when making the transfer of foreign currency or banking metals by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs across the territory of Ukraine and abroad from the client’s current account).

If a client having one foreign currency on his/her/its account wishes to make a bank transfer in another one, PRAVEX BANK shall carry out payments with conversion into all most common currencies of the world according to the current exchange rate of the international market.

List of terms and definitions:

SWIFT code – an identification code of a bank (Bank Identifier Code - BIC) assigned to banks-members of S.W.I.F.T. system and used when making international transfers.  

Intermediary Bank (Intermediary Bank) – a correspondent bank of “PRAVEX BANK” JSC through which the transfers in foreign currency are made.

What information should be provided by the sender for a transfer of foreign currency in favour of the client of PRAVEX BANK?

Provide the following details to the sender of funds:

  1. name (surname, first name, patronymic name) of the recipient;
  2. recipient’s address (city, country);
  3. number of account of the recipient in “PRAVEX BANK” JSC or passport data;
  4. name and address of the receiving bank: Pravex Bank, Kiev, Ukraine
  5. SWIFT code of the receiving bank: PRAVUAUK

Intermediary Banks recommended for transfer of foreign currency  in favour of the clients of PRAVEX BANK:

  • To transfer USD: 

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, USA, SWIFT Code - BKTRUS33

JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA, CHASUS33 


  • To transfer EUR:

Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, SWIFT Code - DEUTDEFF

Intesa Sanpaolo SPA, Milano, Italy, SWIFT Code - BCITITMM

  • To transfer GBP:
    Intesa Sanpaolo SPA, Milano, Italy, SWIFT Code - BCITITMM 
  • To transfer CHF:
    Intesa Sanpaolo SPA, Milano, Italy, SWIFT Code - BCITITMM