Mandatory third-party car insurance

Third party liability  insurance of owners of land vehicles (TPLI)

Law of Ukraine on obligatory insurance of civil  liability of owners of land vehicles came into force on January 1, 2005.

Article 21 of the Law: “When using a vehicle in  traffic, a person who drives a car must have TPLI insurance policy at his or  her disposal»

The fine for the absence of TPLI insurance policy  comprises 25-50 non-taxable minimums, which corresponds to the equivalent UAH  425 - 850.

Agreement term - 1 year, under conditions that:

Vehicle has a permanent registration in Ukraine

Vehicle is not subject to compulsory inspection

Vehicle is subject to compulsory inspection and next compulsory inspection shall be performed in more than 12 months

Object of insurance, main risk:

Provision of compensation for damage caused to life, health and property of victims while using land vehicles on the territory of Ukraine.

Insurance limits:

For the damage caused to property of victims – UAH130,000;

For the damage caused to life and health of victims – UAH260,000.

Advantages of the program IC ARX:

Assisstance anywhere in Ukraine. Assisstance is provided by a wide network of representative offices in all regions of Ukraine

Autocard PLUS card issued by AXA Insurance gives a possibility of using different services and discounts of vehicle technical servicing stations-partners/program members for free

Together with TPLI policy the Client receives the blank of European Accident Statement, as well as blank for documentation of accident, which helps to draw the scheme of accident

In case the Client of AXA Insurance is the guilty party of the accident, he/she can use the European Accident Statement without waiting for the arrival of Road Police and without paying the fine for breaking of traffic rules

«IC «ARX» JSC always supports its Clients and does not leave them alone in case of filling in the European Accident Statement in difficult situation – Client shall get necessary consultation about what should he/she do in case of accident and how to fill in the European Accident Statement at hot line telephone number (0 800 30 27 23 from mobile phones).

reduction of 10% while insuring an electric car

Advantages of the program from IC PZU:
24-hour call-center support 311
Leader in payments under the European Protocol
Payment up to 50 thousand UAH. without GAI certificate (European protocol)


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