Voluntary insurance of third party liability

Voluntary insurance of third party liability

Territory of agreement validity: Ukraine

Term of agreement: validity term of voluntary insurance policy is the same as validity term of third party liability insurance policy, in case of early termination of the agreement of voluntary insurance od third party liability agreement shall be terminated on the same date.

Insuracne object, main risk:

  • damage caused to the property of the victims as a result of an accident,
  • damage caused to life and/or health of victims during the accident

Voluntary insurance limits:

Insurance limit, UAH
Insurance payment, UAH

150 000


250 000


500 000


1 000 000

Advantages of the program:

  • Voluntary insurance policy allows to expand total insurance amount (insurance limit), which is stated in TPLI agreement up to UAH 1 million.
  • Insurance amount is not divided into responsibility limits by separate risks;
  • Insignificant payment compared to the insured amount
  • Insurance tariffs are significantly lower than those of other insurance companies.

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