Accepting payments at the cash desk

PRAVEX BANK accepts all types of payments from individuals to the accounts of legal entities:

  • transfers to current and card accounts of individuals opened in any bank of Ukraine;
  • rent and utilities;
  • for electricity;
  • for gas;
  • for using the phone;
  • for long distance and international calls;
  • mobile communication services (mobile phones);
  • internet services;
  • repayment of loans issued in other banks of Ukraine;
  • for goods and services;
  • payments to the budget.


  • reliability - your payment will always arrive as intended;
  • speed - payments are credited with maximum speed;
  • quality of service - speed and quality of customer service in branches.

  1. Consequences for the client in the case of using a banking service or failing to fulfill his obligations under the contract on the provision of this banking service:
    • For the provision of services, the execution of operations, the Client pays the Bank a fee in the amount and manner determined by the tariffs effective on the day of service provision (operation execution).
    • In case of non-fulfilment by the client of the obligations stipulated in the contract on the provision of banking services, the client will bear responsibility in accordance with the requirements of the law and the terms of the contract.
    • Fines. In case of violation of a monetary obligation, the Client shall pay to the Bank, at his request, a penalty in the amount of double the accounting rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, which was in effect in the period for which the penalty is paid, from the amount of overdue for each day of overdue, unless another amount of the penalty is stipulated by the contract. In case of violation of another obligation, the Client shall pay to the Bank at his request a penalty (fine, interest) in the amounts provided for in the tariffs.
    • In case of breach by the Client of the obligations under the contract on the provision of banking services, the Bank, in accordance with the terms of the contract and the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, has the right to delay, refuse to carry out the operation, provide the banking service, terminate the contract.
  2. The Bank is prohibited from requiring the Client to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a person related or related to it as a prerequisite for the provision of these services (except for the provision of a package of banking services).
  3. The Bank does not have the right to make changes to the contract unilaterally, unless otherwise established by the contract or the law.
  4. The client can refuse to receive advertising materials using remote electronic service channels.