List of debt collection companies and basic principles of activity

List of affiliate PRAVEX BANK debt collection companies:

1. Company VK Group LLC (41656642) - Address: 3 Naberezhno-Luhova Str., Kyiv, 04071 (TEL.: 0443741536)

2. UkrBorg LLC (34482256) - Address: 15/15 Vikentiia Khvoiky Str., Kyiv, 04123; (TEL.: 0445696864)

3. Ukrainian Collection Agency LLC (41501722) - Address: 14000, Chernihiv region, Chernihiv, ave. Miru, bud. 42A, room 604 (TEL: 0737375962)

* The NBU is currently compiling a register of debt collection companies. In accordance with the law, the Bank the list of companies shall be updated by the Bank.

The basic principles of communication with consumers and other persons, as well as supervision over compliance with legal requirements in settling overdue debts (requirements for ethical conduct), control over the activities of debt collection companies are regulated by Articles 25-27 of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Lending”.

You can read more about the law at the link.

In accordance with the requirements of this law, the Bank records and considers all complaints received about violations of consumer rights in the collection of overdue debts by a debt collection company, and the National Bank of Ukraine considers consumer complaints about non-compliance with ethical conduct by the Bank and/or a debt collection company.