Loan repayment online


Service loan repayment online is only available to customers of the Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk regions

PRAVEX BANK has launched a new service of repayment of loans through the Bank website. Now the Bank's Clients have an opportunity, without visiting a branch of PRAVEX-Bank, to repay loans in local currency. This service is implemented on the basis of the service for reference:

How it works

1. You need to have a payment card of Visa/MC, where:

  • the existing available balance for payment
  • allowed calculations on the Internet

Restrictions on the issuing Bank and the card's currency is not, that is for making payments by credit cards both Ukrainian and foreign banks, issued in UAH or in other foreign currencies.

2. It is necessary to pass simple registration in system of the Wallets for transactions.

3. By using the service Wallet, You can transfer funds from Your card account to a current account with PRAVEX BANK used to repay the loan (portmanteaurjwk.pdf).

it is Also worth noting that the service has implemented the ability to bill Customers monthly. Moreover, the system can see the current debt on the loan, quickly make the following payments in the saved template.