Holiday offer from Mastercard and Silpo


Holiday offer from Mastercard and Silpo: search and order promotional products online and get them for half price!

How to use the offer: 

  • Visit or open the "Silpo" application and order promotional products
  • Pay for the order with a Mastercard® card from PRAVEX BANK
  • Receive a 50% discount on selected promotional items.

Holiday offer from Mastercard and Silpo

The offer is valid from 12/01/2023 to 12/24/2023 inclusive for members of the "Own Account" loyalty program according to the address program posted on the website

A discount of 50% from the regular price of the promotional product, subject to its availability, is provided for orders made on the website or in the "Silpo" application, subject to online payment by Mastercard card. The maximum discount is UAH 1,000 per order.

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