PRAVEX BANK joined the state program eRecovery


PRAVEX BANK joined the state program eRecovery

PRAVEX BANK joined eRecovery, a state program for the restoration of housing damaged by hostilities.

A virtual card for receiving the assistance can be opened in the PRAVEX ONLINE application. The procedure for registration takes several minutes, and non-bank clients will be able to download PRAVEX ONLINE, go through the online identification procedure via Diia app and immediately open the card.

Funds from the card can be spent only on construction materials or services of contractors who are participants in the eRecovery program.

The list of these companies is presented on the website eRecovery and is gradually being filled in each region. It is impossible to spend money at other outlets, withdraw money from the card or make transfers.

We remind you that funds are provided if housing:

  • damaged by hostilities after February 24, 2022;
  • placed in an unoccupied territory where no active hostilities are taking place;
  • subject to recovery;
  • was not repaired independently.

How to receive a payment through PRAVEX BANK:

  • open a specialized account in eRecovery through PRAVEX ONLINE;
  • apply for receiving financial assistance within the scope of the Recovery in Action application;
  • expect a special commission to assess damages and determine the amount of payment.

Please note that citizens of Ukraine who are owners or co-owners of damaged housing may apply for assistance (subject to the consent of other co-owners). Ownership rights (all shares of ownership) to an object of immovable property must be entered in the State Register of Property Rights to immovable property.


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