PRAVEX BANK gives a festive rate of 0.01% in the European personal loan for the realization of dreams


PRAVEX BANK, Bank for international financial Group Intesa Sanpaolo, has introduced the European  personal loan in the amount up to 1 million UAH for any purpose, without collateral, without any extra payments and conditions at a reduced rate of 0.01% in the period from  1 December 2019-31 January 2020. the Main condition for the establishment of preferential rates is loan 31 Dec 2019. Starting February 1, 2020 – the interest rate is set according to the customer's selected credit product, and with the lowest rate of 18.99%.

European personal loan – cash loan with the option to receive cash up to 1 million UAH. without having to make a Deposit at the most attractive market conditions for those who are able to earn and spend money, who are not saving lives for tomorrow. This is a loan for those who wish to invest in improving housing or to renovate an apartment or house, pay for education of children abroad, to buy a used car, or refinance expensive loans family members in other banks.

according to Babayev, the Deputy Chairman of the management Board, head of retail management PRAVEX Bank: “Our loan is significantly different from other offerings on the market. We made the call to the market. To understand – when applying for a loan at a rate of 0.01% at 2 month, the client will reduce the overpayment percentage is 6 416,40 UAH, or 6% of the total amount of interest for a loan for 5 years in the amount of 200 thousand UAH. with a rate of 18.99% per annum”.

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PRAVEX BANK is  Intesa Sanpaolo   (Intesa Sanpaolo), a leading Bank  groups in the Euro area, which is  leader  in Italy in all business areas  (retail, corporate  governance  assets) and is present worldwide. 

PRAVEX BANK  working on  the market since 1992 and serves Ukrainian clients for 26 years. The Bank provides a full range of   retail banking services,  corporate and institutional  customers. 

Intesa Sanpaolo provides services to 11,8 millions of customers  using a network of more than 3 900  of branches in Italy with a market share of not  below   12% in most Italian  regions. The group has a strategic    international presence, which has  about 1 100 branches and 7.2  million  customers, including affiliated  companies that operate  in  commercial banking in 12 countries in Central  Eastern Europe and the Middle East and North Africa, and  international  network   specialists to support corporate clients through 25  countries  in particular in the middle East and North Africa and in those areas where the  active Italian company.

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