Updated: places where you can withdraw cash without %


Dear customers!
Currently, you can withdraw cash up to UAH 6,000 and without a fee from your Visa and Mastercard cards from PRAVEX BANK in the networks of shops and gas stations:

  • Silpo,
  • Fora,
  • Varus,
  • Novus,
  • OKKO,
  • BRSM,
  • Socar,
  • WOG,
  • Roshen,
  • Lotok,
  • Ukrnafta,
  • Fozzy.

Also update the PRAVEX ONLINE app! Added features:

  • utility bills, including army assistance;
  • order a card online - you can use it for online payments. Create an order request and wait for it to be processed by the bank. Track your mobile app status.
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