Those who don't care coming together at the "Christmas courage"


The special space of "Christmas Courage" will immerse you in the spirit of the traditional Ukrainian holiday. 

In addition, you have a great opportunity to join good causes at the event:

● donations to the "Courage" charity fundraiser with Visa cards will be doubled

● Visa will transfer an additional UAH 50 from each entrance ticket paid for with a Visa card to the charity collection.

When buying an entrance ticket with Visa, you can also use the Fast Track service to avoid wasting time in long queues.

Those who don\'t care coming together at the \

And to preserve a pleasant memory of "Christmas Courage", pay for purchases with a contactless Visa card and exchange a check from UAH 500 for exclusive "Courage & Visa" merchandise.

With the assistance of Visa, your stay at the event will be even more comfortable: the space is equipped with inclusive changing rooms, a ramp, and a sign interpreter is also invited.

Don't be afraid to forget cash at home, because Visa has equipped each location of "Courage" with contactless terminals, QR codes, and smartphones of sellers with Tap to Phone technology from Visa will allow contactless payments.

The organizers take care of your safety: in the event of an air raid, the event is stopped, and all guests are invited to go to the nearest shelter.

  • Event dates: December 16 and 17, 2023
  • Address: Garage, Kyiv, str. Mezhyhirska, 82
  • Details:

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