Credit innovation: PRAVEX BANK provided funds for the agrarian receipt


PRAVEX BANK financed agricultural holding from Chernigov under the pledge of future crop in the agrarian receipt.

a New financial instrument becomes popular due to the ease and speed of working with him both among farmers and among banking institutions.

agricultural receipt is a document that contains a promise of future supply agricultural products or pay received as a result of its implementation means for the present of obtaining resources for agricultural activities. The debtor's obligation to deliver agricultural products or to pay money for an agrarian receipt may not be encumbered by any conditions.

Rostock, a holding company, expanding the circle of partners among banking institutions, successfully started the cooperation with PRAVEX Bank loans to agribusiness which is one of the priorities of the business.

the development Director of banking of PRAVEX-Bank Dmitry Churilov said: "In the context of limited collateral financial  agricultural certificate of pledge has become an alternative tool for creditors. We as the Bank of  the international group Intesa Sanpaolo interested in promoting innovative  products in the banking market of Ukraine. Such tool is the financial  agricultural receipt. PRAVEX BANK is planning conservatively to increase the volume of financial  agricultural receipts in 2018, realizing that the market is still young and fragile. But  we are optimistic about the development of this product in our the Bank has already 2019".

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JSC "PRAVEX BANK" is part of a banking group Intesa Sanpaolo (Intesa Sanpaolo), a ranks among the leading banking groups in the Euro zone and is the leader of in Italy in all banking activities (retail, corporate segments and financial management) and caters for 12 million customers 4 600 branches throughout Italy; the market share of the Group in most Italian regions is not less than 12%. Intesa Sanpaolo is also present in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. In these regions there are about 1, 100 offices and 12 countries, where subsidiary banks operate, the Group, the number of retail and corporate customers reaches 7.7 million

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