The wheel of surprises from Mastercard Bilshe is back


The wheel of surprises from Mastercard is back, and this year we've put new meanings into some surprises.

The wheel of surprises from Mastercard Bilshe is back

From now on, by rotating the wheel, you can:

  • generate donation for prosthetics and rehabilitation of military and civilians;
  • support local businesses where people with disabilities work;
  • acquire knowledge and skills for their own development;
  • get a certificate for small daily pleasures;
  • win the grand prize - a journey to reboot.

How to take advantage of the offer:

  1. Register your Mastercard card on the
  2. Accumulate points and exchange them for turns of the wheel of surprises.
  3. Get the opportunity to generate donations or win a daily trip or other useful gifts!

Do good deeds with Mastercard!

Details on the

The promotion has been valid since 14.03.2024. to 27.03.2024 throughout the territory of Ukraine, with the exception of territories recognized under the law as temporarily occupied, territorial communities that are in temporary encirclement (blocking), as well as territories where hostilities actually occur or there is a real threat of their conduct.

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