Intesa Sanpaolo increases capital of PRAVEX BANK by UAH 1.1 billion


PRAVEX BANK announces a strategic decision (No. 2/2024 dated March 28, 2024) of its shareholder, Intesa Sanpaolo Group, a leading international financial group in the Eurozone, to increase the capital size through additional contributions from the shareholder in the amount of UAH 1.1 billion.

The capital increase serves as additional support to ensure financial stability and enhance the capital level of PRAVEX BANK.

The shareholder's strategic decision will have a significant positive impact on PRAVEX BANK's capital ratios, supporting liquidity, financial stability, and institution reliability for all stakeholders.

Furthermore, it will also strengthen the ability to resist the risks to which PRAVEX BANK and its clients are exposed in the conditions of a full-scale invasion.

It is worth noting that Intesa Sanpaolo Group, one of the most solid and well-capitalized financial groups in Europe, has consistently provided comprehensive support to PRAVEX BANK, as demonstrated during various crisis periods over the past years, starting from 2008.

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