Secure safety deposit box

Voluntary insurance of property, financial risks and liability to third  parties "Secure Safe"

Agreement term: 1 year

Territory of action: Ukraine

The object of insurance:

Keys to a safety deposit box

Property located inside bank safety deposit boxes;

Insurance payment (cost):

30% of the cost of leasing an individual safety deposit box *

* The final calculation of the cost of insurance depends on the size of the safety deposit box and the term of its lease.

Advantages of the program:

Minimization of expenses of the Client at the moment of registration of a bank safety deposit box. The client does not leave a significant amount as a pledge necessary for the execution of the lease agreement without the insurance of a loss/break of the key.

Reliable protection of the property of the Clients located in a bank safety deposit box in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Two-time free recovery of the key to the bank cell during the year.