KASKO all inclusive

Voluntary insurance of terrain  transport (except for railroad) by “KASKO All Inclusive” program

Agreement term – 1 year

Insurance object:

  • Vehicles with a service life of no more than 7 years (84 months), registered in Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (cars, buses, trailers, semitrailers)
  • Vehicle additional equipment (at the request of the client) – equipment installed into vehicle, but is not included in its manufacturer package;

Options of franchise (franchise – part of expenses  that are not compensated by the insurance company and is set in % of the  insurance amount):

  • 0% (but not less than UAH 2,000) – “zero” franchise is possible only for PASSENGER CARS with the price lower than UAH 4,000,000!!!
  • 1.5% (but not less than UAH 2,000)
  • 1.0% (but not less than UAH 2,000)
  • 2.0% (but not less than UAH 2,000)

Advantages of the program:

  • The product has no hidden expenses. Insurance is provided under All Risk system
  • “New for Old” insurance. In case of damage to the car, renewal repair works of the car will be paid without taking into account the wear of spare parts.
  • Non-aggregate insurance coverage (does not decrease by the amount of the compensation paid)
  • Risk of theft is covered in case of vehicle theft from any place, at any time
  • One common franchise is applied to all risks
  • Standard territory of coverage– Ukraine, CIS countries, European countries, Georgia
  • In case of making insurance payment by installments, the multiplying ratio for the installments is not applied
  • In case of accident, the vehicle is sent to vehicle technical servicing station without sending it to the office of the insurance company (“Remote regulation”).
  • АХА shall compensate expenses for vehicle* evacuation after accident - 3 times per 1 year, within the limit of 2,000 by each insurance event.

Compensation without documents from competent authorities in the following  cases:

  • When losses amount is not higher than UAH 25,000 (for vehicle* with insurance coverage up to UAH 500,000) or 5% from insurance coverage (for vehicles* with price higher than UAH 500,000)
  • Expenses connected to paintwork damage**, glass damage, and damage of lighting fixtures, mirrors, antennas, decorative body elements (molding, emblems)
  • In case of registration of the accident by drawing up of European Accident Statement, in accordance with item 2.11 of Traffic Rules, insurance coverage is paid in the amount not higher than UAH 50,000.00.
  • The insurer shall reimburse 1 time within the term of the Agreement 50% of documentary confrimed expenses for replacing door locks and ignition or reprogramming of electronic launch of vehicle means, or in case of loss (including theft) of keys

Documents for familiarization