The cost of the service package


Credit limit up to UAH 250 000


Save money with us


Visa Signature


World Elite Mastercard


Time management


Monthly feer 450 UAH / month


The cost of the basic package of banking services is UAH 2,500 / year


You can choose the annual or monthly package fee


Free replenishment of cards in "City24" terminals


Безкоштовне поповнення карток в терміналах "EasyPay"

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You can choose the annual or monthly package fee:

  1. In case you pay yearly, the cost of the basic package of banking services is UAH 2,500 / year.
  2. In case you pay monthly, the cost of the basic package of banking services is UAH 450 / month, including the fee for a Visa Signature or Mastercard World Elite card):

- 2 months free grace period for using the package;

- the monthly fee starts from the 3rd month with Smart Pricing;

- monthly fee is not charged if one of the conditions of Smart Pricing is met: an average daily balance on the card account is more than UAH 25 thousand / month or the card purchases amount is more than UAH 7 thousand / month. The bottom line on the card in foreign currency is taken into consideration for setting a monthly fee.


Card account opening for a client and his family members in UAH, USD, EUR


Issue of main and additional chip contactless payment cards 4 pcs Visa Platinum / Mastercard Platinum, 3 pcs Visa Classic


SMS-banking service


Pravex Online



The grace period is 60 days


Interest rate 27%


Up to UAH 250 000

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Credit limit up to UAH 450 000Premium cards and accounts for the whole family


On currency and tariffs


On interest


3 corporate Visa Business Platinum cards


- 50% discount of rental fee safe

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The best card currency exchange:

• No currency conversion fee.

• Each USD or EUR saves money when paying by card abroad or online.

• Free cash withdrawal in UAH and foreign currency within Ukraine up to UAH 210 thousand, namely:

- in the Bank's branches - UAH 100 thousand

- in PRAVEX BANK ATMs - UAH 75 thousand 

- in ATMs of other banks within Ukraine - UAH 35 thousand

• Free cash withdrawal abroad at the Intesa Sanpaolo group ATMs - without restrictions from card accounts in USD, EUR and the equivalent of UAH 35,000 from card accounts in UAH

• Free cash up of SWIFT transfers via card

Plenty contactless chip cards in UAH, USD, EUR for all your family members:

• 4 premium Mastercard Platinum / Visa Platinum and 3 Visa Classic Pay Wave

• an additional contactless Mastercard World Elite PayPass chip card (the highest class card in the Mastercard line) or Visa Signature Pay Wave, for an extra fee (1500 UAH / year)

• Platinum cards for children from 4 years old

• 3D Secure service (Mastercard Secure Code / Verified by Visa) for secure payments on the Internet free access to Mastercard business lounges in terminals D, F of Boryspil airport and Fast Line service at Boryspil and Zhulyany airports (Kyiv), to the MasterCard Platinum cardholders

• for the Visa Platinum holders: free passes twice a year to 1200 international business Lounge Key (each next pass is $ 32), 2 luggage wrappings at Boryspil airport and 50% discount on trips from Uber to / from airports in Kiev

• free Visa Business Platinum corporate cards for individuals (not more than 3 cards in one service package)

High interest income:

• Keep a positive balance on the card or current account, and get extra income in hryvnia, benefiting from high interest rates from a reliable bank.

Current accounts for each family member:

• current accounts with reasonable tariffs in ₴, $, € to choose from

• free crediting of funds to the account, including the transfers by third parties

• free transfer of funds to other accounts in UAH

• high interest on a balance in UAH with weekly cash up

• SWIFT transfers: 0.45% min 500 UAH

Up-to-date ONLINE PRAVEX banking: 

• free card replenishment from accounts of other banks

• billing, card and account management for an individual and an individual entrepreneur

• automatic transfer of funds from an individual entrepreneur account to personal accounts

• regular payments

• the payment templates option

• currency buy/sell

• free transfers between family members' cards

transfers to cards of other banks for only 0.8% + UAH 5

• information on accounts and cards, deposits and loans

• free non-cash payments

• easy-to-pay bills and utilities, Internet, TV top-ups and more

• easy-to-order additional services and online top-up of the package fee

Credit limit up to UAH 450,000:

• for a period of 1 to 3 years

• 60 days grace period

• fair interest rate of 27% per annum (real interest rate of 28.41% per annum)

• 5% minimum monthly payment.


Travel insurance up to $ 500,000


Contactless chip card


10 free passes to business Lounge Key


Visa Luxury Hotels Collection


10 FastLine at Boryspil airport


Elite service and customized privileges at any time at any place of the world

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Visa Signature

Visa Signature marks the status of its holder. In addition to the impeccable billing service, it provides the cardholder with additional privileges that significantly improve his customer experience at every stage of a trip.


• hotel booking at (more than 985 thousand hotels, up to 12% discount)

• Visa Luxury Hotel Collection (special privileges in hotels)

• concierge service (free, 24/7)

• insurance (protected purchases, reimbursed flight delays and luggage loss)


• 10 free passes to the Lounge key per year (more than 1000 lounges at airports worldwide)

• 10 free suitcase wrapping per year at Boryspil Airport

• 10 free fast line per year at Boryspil airport

• Uber (10 discounted to 50%  rides per year to / from airports in Kiev)


• Worldwide customer support

• Medical and information support

• Avis car rental (up to 35% discount)

• Travel insurance (up to USD 1 million)

• Special offers from international brands


• World of Privileges Program (special offers and discounts)


Elite service and customized privileges at any timeat any place of the world


Comfortable waiting for the flight with Mastercard Lounge Key


Free Fast line at Boryspil (Terminal D, F) and Zhulyany airports (Kyiv)


A contactless chip card


Optional insurance Family Elite

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World Elite Mastercard PayPass - a card offering elite service and customized privileges any time at any place of the world for the most demanding clients. The cardholders may enjoy the impeccable service: the highest level of care, security and confidentiality, special financial and non-financial services, etc.

World Elite Mastercard PayPass cardholders have the following benefits:

World Elite Mastercard

1. Free passes to Mastercard business lounges:

- in Ukraine:

• Kyiv (Mastercard Business Lounge in Terminals D and F of Boryspil International Airport);

Kyiv The Mastercard Business Lounge at Zhulyany International Airport (Kyiv);

Lviv (Mastercard Business Lounge at Lviv Airport)

Kharkiv (Mastercard Business Lounge at Kharkiv Airport).

- internationally:

Budapest (Mastercard Business Lounge at Ferenc Liszt International Airport);

Bucharest (Mastercard Business Lounge in the International Departures Hall of Henri Coanda International Airport);

Vienna (2 business rooms: Jet Lounge | Sky Lounges (2nd level) and Jet Lounge (ground floor) at Schwechat International Airport);

Prague (Mastercard Business Lounge in Terminal 1 of Vaclav Havel International Airport);

Moscow (Mastercard Business Lounge in Terminal E of Sheremetyevo International Airport);

• St. Petersburg (Mastercard Business Lounge in Terminal 1 of Pulkovo Airport);

Tbilisi (Mastercard Business Lounge at Shota Rustaveli International Airport);

Batumi (Mastercard Business Lounge at Batumi International Airport);

Chisinau (Mastercard Business Lounge at Chisinau International Airport).

2. Mastercard privileges and special offers:

- Free Fast line service on departure / arrival at Boryspil (terminal D, F) and Zhulyany airports (Kyiv), no-queue security and passport control with exit through individual entrance


Mastercard Concierge for Mastercard Premium cardholders

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Mastercard Concierge for Mastercard® Premium cardholders

 For Mastercard® Platinum / Mastercard® World Elite FAMIGLIA clients, it is possible to connect to the Mastercard Concierge.

For Mastercard Concierge Platinum:

Information services:  the timetable of planes and trains, hospitals and clinics, SPA-centers, business information, conference halls listings, guide-translator, country telephone codes, weather forecasts, etc.

• Organization and / or planning of customized / individual tours and / or tourist routes around the world

• Assistance in lost luggage lookout at airports worldwide

• Information on the privileges of Mastercard payment cardholders

• Organization of events around the world

• Assistance in hiring domestic staff

• Florist’, gardener’, landscape and interior design services etc.

For Mastercard Concierge World Elite:

• Free tow truck transportation services to the nearest branded service location. (only within Ukraine)

• Access to the official delegation hall at Boryspil airport

• Business operation/ Administrative support

• Invitations to special events and celebrations (if any available)

• Information services:  the timetable of planes and trains, hospitals and clinics, SPAs, business information, conference halls listings, guide-translator, country telephone codes, weather forecasts, etc.

• Organization and / or development of special / personal tours and / or tourist routes around the world

• Assistance in lost luggage lookout at airports worldwid

Fast Line is a comprehensive express service for international passengers. Non-queue security and passport control with exit through individual entrance. Follow the link to see the Terms of use of the Fast Line service.

How to activate the service? You may get the Fast-Line service option together with FAMIGLIA service package if you don’t have it yet. If you are a happy FAMIGLIA client, contact the nearest PRAVEX BANK branch and just activate it!