General information

You do not need to analyse changes in the foreign exchange market to determine the most solid currency in the world for storing your savings, because the best way to store your savings is banking metals.

In addition, each of the 12 denominations of banking metals ingots is a perfect gift for close people or partners.

PRAVEX BANK started transactions with banking metals in 1998, when the regulatory acts regulating this type of activity in the foreign exchange market of Ukraine were adopted. As of today, PRAVEX BANK holds the leading position among Ukrainian banks in the banking metals market.

At the moment the Bank performs the following transactions with precious and banking metals:

  • sale of banking metal ingots;
  • purchase of banking metal ingots;
  • opening accounts in banking metals and transactions with them.

Advantages of transactions with banking metals:

  • It is the safest way to protect your funds from inflation, as no currency in the world is protected from collapse.
  • Bank ingots are compact, take less space and are easy to transport.
  • You do no need to report to the state bodies on purchase of banking metals.
  • Bank ingots, unlike paper money, will not burn in fire and will not be damaged during flood.
  • When you buy banking metals, you get the opportunity to receive income when the world market price grows.