Securities trading

We offer the Bank's clients the following services for brokerage servicing on the stock market of Ukraine (License for carrying out professional activities on the stock market - securities trading activities, namely brokerage activities, Decision No.583 of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission dd.27.08.2018):

1. Comprehensive servicing of clients based on a Brokerage Servicing Agreement.

Within the framework of the concluded agreement, based on the client's order, the Bank provides services for:

  • purchase, sale, exchange of securities on the exchange and over-the-counter market,
  • including purchase and sale of mini T-bills;
  • advising on the circulation of securities on the stock market of Ukraine;
  • advising on the state of the stock market of Ukraine.

2. Execution of one-time client requests for purchase or sale of securities based on a concluded Power of Attorney Agreement or Commission Agreements.

The Bank's clients may be individuals and legal entities, both residents and non-residents of Ukraine.

We provide qualified advising on carrying out transactions with securities.

Securities Trading Office, Treasury and Markets Department, CFO Division of “PRAVEX BANK” JSC

Information Center

Tel. 044 521 04 67

Tel.0 800 500 450 - calls from landlines of Ukraine are free.

On bonds of internal state loan

Bonds of internal state loan (BISL) are state securities placed exclusively on the domestic stock market, which confirm Ukraine's obligations to reimburse the bearers of these bonds for their nominal value with payment of income according to the terms of bond placement. According to Resolution No.80  of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dd. January 31, 2001 On Issue of Bonds of Internal State Loans, the Ministry of Finance carries out BISL placement in the form of auction sale through the National Bank of Ukraine that carries out transactions on public debt servicing related to the placement BISL, their repayment and payment of income under them, as well as carries out depository activities regarding these securities.   

According to its powers, the Ministry of Finance:

makes and publishes approximate schedules of BISL placement, defines the time and volume of bond placement (approved schedule, as well as changes to it are periodically posted on the official website of the Ministry); 

defines forms and ways of BISL placement, establishes the terms of BISL circulation, dates of their repayment and payment of coupon income (for coupon bonds);

establishes a threshold level of BISL profitability, according to which the applications of bond placement participants are satisfied;

publishes information on the results of BISL placement;

engages in issuing BISL in the form of global certificates;

ensures timely BISL repayment and payment of income under them

BISL placement is carried out based on current financing needs of the State Budget of Ukraine.

BISL are issued in national and foreign currencies (USD / EUR), BISL nominal value amounts to 1,000.00 UAH / USD / EUR.

BISL exist in non-documented form, i.e. in electronic form, in the form of records on a security account.

Term of BISL circulation: 

  • long-term – over five years;
  • medium-term – from one year to five years;
  • short-term – up to one year.

BISL advantages:

  • 100% guarantee of the state;
  • no personal income tax (18%);
  • no military levy (1.5%); 
  • profitability of currency BISL significantly exceeds the profitability of deposits;
  • possibility of sale on the secondary market;
  • investment in currency BISL is a unique opportunity to acquire a reliable currency asset for hryvnia.

Income under BISL can be received in the form of: 

  • interest income (interest BISL);
  • difference between acquisition cost (lower than their nominal value) and repayment cost (nominal value) of securities (discount BISL).


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