Gold bullion Swiss global manufacturer of Credit Suisse is always in the price


PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK", the Bank's Italian financial group Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the leaders in the purchase/sale of Bank metals to Ukraine, has carried out physical delivery (purchase) of gold bullion from the recognized world's leading manufacturer, the Swiss company Credit Suisse

Buying gold bullion by the Bank regularly, so for our customers, the bullion is almost always in stock.

Buy gold bullion from 1 to 100 grams. the highest rate of 999.9 gold and silver coins of the world manufacturers, You can in cash offices of the Bank, regardless of the region of Ukraine.

We invite everyone to enjoy precious metals, gold and silver coins at any of our offices.

Please note that the purchase of the clients of bullion metals is carried out only in the following locations:

g Kyiv: Klovsky Spusk, 9/2; tel: 44 201-17-47

g Vinnitsa: vul.Gogol, 30; bodies: (432) 35-30-70; (432) 65-53-72; (432) 65-53-73

g Kharkiv: vul. Pushkin, 68; tel.: (57) 759-04-34; (57) 706-16-16.

read More about precious metals, coins and prices can be found at the link, or by phone (044) 201-17-47.

PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK" is part of a banking group Intesa Sanpaolo (Intesa Sanpaolo), which ranks among the leading banking groups in the Euro zone and is a leader in all areas of business in Italy.
PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK" is constantly improving its work, raises the standards of provision of banking services and become better for its customers and partners.
Intesa Sanpaolo is among the top banking groups in the Euro area and is a leader in all areas of business in Italy: retail, corporate and private capital management. In Italy, the Group serves 12.6 million customers through a network of 4800 distributed throughout the country offices, its market share is not less than 12% in most Italian regions.
Intesa Sanpaolo is represented in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, approximately 1,100 offices and 7.6 million customers, which relate to subsidiaries of the Group engaged in commercial banking in 12 countries. In addition, an international network of specialists in support of corporate customers represented in 26 countries, in particular in the middle East, North Africa and areas where Italian companies are most active.

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