20% discount for owners of package FAMIGLIA and their friends: the accelerated passage of all formalities at the airport "Borispol" and accompanied to the aircraft


Owners package FAMIGLIA from PJSCCB "PRAVEX-Bank" and all who are traveling together will receive a 20% discount on service expedited passport control and security at the terminal D international Aeroport"Borispol".

Perevahy Serbsu Fast Line:

  • meeting passengers at arrival (from the aircraft) or flight (airport terminal);
  • personal support worker passenger service "Fast line";
  • expedited passport and customs control and security;
  • registration of tickets and baggage;
  • assistance to passengers with Luggage and/or hand baggage;
  • packing Luggage at the airport;
  • accompanied by a passenger, including minor children without an adult to/from the aircraft by comfortable transport;
  • the service during the term of the package FAMIGLIA;
  • the discount is available to anyone who is travelling with the owner package.

How to get a 20% discount on "Fast Line":

  1. Buy package FAMIGLIA, if You are not with us.
  2. Contact the "24/7 Personal assistant" andamovie of service for one day before the time of departure specified in the ticket (the scheduled arrival time of the flight) by telephone:

0 800 5000 60 (around the clock and free within Ukraine), +38 056 374 99 60 (for calls from abroad), +38 097 139 46 98 Viber @GlobalHelp24Bot Telegram.

read More: https://www.pravex.com.ua/chastnym-licam/pakety-uslug/paket-poslug-famiglia


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