Make the translation from the new international payment system, "TELEGRAF" of PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK"


January 24, 2017, the money transfer system "PRAVEX-TELEGRAPH" received the status of the international payment system, and changed its name to TELEGRAF (according to the changes in the Registry of payment systems published on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine).

Now to make instant transfers possible at any point of the participant-the partner system in banks, in financial institutions in Ukraine and abroad, as well as via self-service terminals in Ukraine connected to the translation system.

opportunities for our customers and partners, we enter the international financial services market and is ready to cooperate not only with banks but also with nonbank financial institutions.

what are the benefits of transfers via international money transfer system TELEGRAF?

  1. Alternative to transporting cash by sending your name, that is, the sender and the recipient is one and the same person.
  2. Translation is not addressed, i.e. it can be obtained in any city of Ukraine, where there is a Bank branch or partner Bank.
  3. Low and attractive rates.

System of money transfers "PRAVEX–TELEGRAPH" from PJSCCB "PRAVEX-Bank" has been successfully operating since 2002.

In 2015, received the status national. At the moment the system has already been joined by 4 member banks, and the number of items in which to carry out or to transfer, has increased to 217. The volume of translations carried out in the III quarter of 2016, the market share of payment system "PRAVEX-TELEGRAPH" is 3% (among payment systems created by residents).

How to become a member-partner of the system "TELEGRAF"?

Write to us

Come to us at the address: Kyiv, Klovsky Uzviz 9/2

Call: 0438 044 521.

We are open, flexible and ready to cooperate with the banks of Ukraine, non-resident banks and non-Bank financial institutions.

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